Winds of Change

Karpaz Gate Marina in Northern Cyrpus welcomed organisers and team members from the Winds of Change project to the marina resort this week as they embark on the first of a series of training and team building sessions.

Hosted by Karpaz Gate Marina, young Greek and Turkish Cypriots have come together for a common goal as part of the historic “Winds of Change” voyage, which aims to promote peace, connection, and transformation via sailing. Karpaz Gate Marina is delighted to facilitate this groundbreaking project to produce the first unified Cypriot sailing team to sail around the divided island of Cyprus as one integrated team.

Event founder, Sophia Papamichalopoulos and the crew of 12 have recently concluded a four day training exercise on the southern coast of Cyprus and will be arriving at Karpaz Gate Marina on Thursday 10thAugust to continue their training pursuits.

Working towards a circumnavigation around Cyprus that is scheduled for early September, the crew will continue their team development sessions, selections and action-packed training sessions. The team is thrilled to be hosted by the Marina and utilise their state-of-the-art leisure and marina facilities including: technical centre, accommodation, restaurant, conference rooms and gym.

On commencement of their training, Sophia commented; “Over the course of the coming week, team members will participate in both theoretical courses and practical sailing sessions here at the Karpaz. As the majority of the teammates have never sailed before, this specialised training led by a bi-communal team of sailors and trainers, including an Olympian, aims to bring the group to a level where they can function as crew members on a yacht, feel safe and comfortable on the water and thrive as a team.”

Karpaz Gate Marina recognises the need to promote yacht tourism opportunities and shares the Winds of Change mission to contribute to peacebuilding, reaffirming its position as a positive force in the future growth of yachting and travel tourism for the entire island.

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