The trophy for the inaugural Puig Women’s America’s Cup has been presented by Puig at the Fundació Joan Miró.

The Spanish architect and designer Patricia Urquiola was commissioned to design and shape the trophy that the winning team of the Puig Women’s America’s Cup will receive on 13 October. For this, Urquiola has used “a simple, geometric figure, like a cylinder, without decorative elements or a base, which at one point opens up like a large sail struck by the wind”.

Made of silver, with a height of 58 cm and weighing about 5 kg, its interior hides a rose gold effect. The finishing has been done by means of an exhaustive chiseling in the widest part of the cylinder. Unlike the original America’s Cup trophy – designed by Edmund Cotterill and crafted by Robert Garrard in 1848 – the Puig Women’s America’s Cup lacks handles so that “the winning team can embrace it in its full form”, according to the designer.

The inaugural Women’s America’s Cup will take place in Barcelona from the 5 – 13 October as a central part of the 37th America’s Cup. The design of the logo that will be the identity of the Puig Women’s America’s Cup was also unveiled with the presentation attended by Grant Dalton, CEO America’s Cup Event; Marc Puig, Executive Chairman of Puig; Abby Ehler, offshore sailor and Puig Women’s America’s Cup Event Co-Ordinator; Silvia Mas, sailing team member of Sail Team BCN, the Spanish entrant, and Patricia Urquiola.

The Puig Women’s America’s Cup is shaping up to be one of the highlights of the 37th America’s Cup. Joining the six established official participants representing New Zealand, Great Britain, Italy, Switzerland, the United States and France are six new teams from Spain, the Netherlands, Canada, Germany, Sweden and Australia. The addition of new entrants and countries further enhances the anticipation of an extraordinary sailing experience.

Puig, a global Premium Beauty company, is collaborating in the 37th Edition of the America’s Cup, as a global sponsor of the competition and as a Naming Partner of the first women’s specific race in the history of the America’s Cup. A commitment that reflects its local identity as a global company based in the city of Barcelona and its rich nautical heritage. With a long tradition of sponsorship within the world of sailing, Puig is proud to support this historic competition, while promoting and reinforcing the presence and excellence of women in the sport.

Marc Puig, CEO of Puig said, “Sailing, Barcelona and women are three words closely associated with Puig. We have supported sailing regattas for more than 40 years, we are a company born and rooted in Barcelona, and women are the heart of our consumers and our people. This is why we decided to support this beautiful idea as soon as we learned that Barcelona would be the location of the America’s Cup in 2024 and that it would be the first time ever that a women’s regatta would be included: the Puig Women’s America’s Cup”.

Grant Dalton, CEO America’s Cup Event, is proud to have Puig as a Global Partner of the 37th America’s Cup and as a Naming Sponsor of the Women’s America’s Cup. Speaking about the collaboration, he added: “The support of Puig in the inaugural Women’s America’s Cup is a significant milestone not only in the history of the America’s Cup but in the sport of sailing. Its significance cannot be under-estimated and we’re anticipating the Puig Women’s America’s Cup to be one of the highlights of the 37th America’s Cup regatta. Thank you to Marc and all his team for their continued support.”

For Abby Ehler, offshore sailor and Puig Women’s America’s Cup Event Coordinator, “The Puig Women’s America’s Cup is the most exciting initiative that I’ve seen for female participation in sailing in my career. This will strengthen the pool of sailors aiming to make it to an elite level and support those pursuing technical shoreside roles as well as providing a platform and opportunity for female sailors globally and creating more high-profile role models that will inspire young girls at the grassroots of our sport.”

Silvia Mas, sailor of the Spanish team, highlighted “Puig’s interest and commitment to promoting gender equality within the sport of sailing”, while stating that the Puig Women’s America’s Cup “will provide the racing sailors, who are the very future of the America’s Cup, with the ultimate platform to showcase their skills in a first-class fleet where serious talent will be on display. The Puig Women’s America’s Cup is the ultimate pathway and a compelling competition where the very best will be able to shine on the global stage.”

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