Scottish Gateway to the Arctic Circle

Ethereal seascapes, elemental landscapes and an immersive experience unmatched by a cruise; SKIRR Adventures gives explorers the chance to witness some of the most remote, untouched natural environments on the planet.

“It was just like being in Narnia. We had sailed into a totally different environment which was so alien and so beautiful. It’s very difficult to convey the feeling in words but we didn’t even need to discuss how incredible it was amongst the crew, as we were absorbed as part of it and felt it together,” said Emily Caruso, one of the SKIRR Adventures Skippers who leads up to 12 adventurers from the south coast of England to the Arctic Circle via Scotland on board purpose-built 68-foot expedition yachts.

Departing on 27 June 2024 and spanning twelve weeks, the 4,470nm route is divided into five legs, journeying from the UK to the Arctic Circle and back again. Crew members can take on one leg, combine several or complete all five legs in the voyage.

A particular highlight during the previous edition was the west coast of Scotland which delivered as much charm as it did adventure. Emily added: “The Scottish Isles were incredible. We saw whales off the coast which was amazing – and of course the colours of the houses in Tobermory on the Isle of Mull are so iconic. It really is a fantastic way to see Scotland. You become part of the environment rather than being a visitor to it.”

She added: “The sunsets in Scotland are like no other. When I talk about it, it sounds like it’s just another sunset…but it truly is incredible.” 

During the 2024 edition, there will be two opportunities to visit Scotland – Port Ellen, Tobermory and Oban during the first leg and Shetland and the Orkney Islands on the returning fifth leg.

“I think sailing brings you closer to the elements than is possible on big ships. It’s integral to the SKIRR experience and a big part of what makes it so special.” said Emily.

The expedition will leave Gosport and explore destinations such as south-west England, Port Ellen, Tobermory, Oban, Vestmannaeyar (Westman Islands), Reykjavik, Tasiilaq, Ísafjörður, Scoresby Sund, Faroe Islands, Shetlands and Orkneys before returning to Gosport on 19 September.

SKIRR Adventures, founded by legendary sailor Sir Robin Knox-Johnston, offers sailing expeditions for adventurists and enthusiasts who have been drawn to the majestic beauty and untamed wilderness of the high latitudes. Find out more about the legs, cost and how to book your place at

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