RS Sailing Enters into Preferred Vendor Partner Agreement with Crystal Lagoons

RS Sailing has announced the entrance into a preferred vendor partner agreement with Crystal Lagoons.

Having developed a state-of-the-art sustainable technology, Crystal Lagoons is a multinational company that allows crystalline lagoons of unlimited sizes to be built and maintained at very low costs anywhere in the world. With over 2,000 patents in 190 countries, Crystal Lagoons is transforming cities worldwide by bringing idyllic beach life to people’s doorsteps. The use of Crystal Lagoons® patented technology and trademark is subjected to the acquisition of a license, which Crystal Lagoons must directly provide.

The bespoke Public Access Lagoons™ are a revolutionary concept. These man-made utopias feature turquoise waters surrounded by beach areas which are fun for all the family. Suitable for all-year round beach life, the clear-water lagoons create a wealth of sustainable commerce opportunities – one of which is watersports and sailing activities!

RS Sailing has entered into a preferred vendor partner agreement offering a wide range of RS Boats for Crystal Lagoons’ clients to purchase. This includes, but is not limited to, family-orientated and training boats such as the RS Zest, RS Quest, RS Tera, RS Feva, RS CAT16, RS Venture and more! The boats will be used for sailing schools, corporate events, charities, watersport centres and other recreational programs – creating a bespoke package for each lagoon’s portfolio.

Michiel Geerling, Commercial Director at RS Sailing, is excited about the partnership. “Lowering the barrier to entry for watersports is one of our key aims for brand participation. Partnering with Crystal Lagoons-  a company that is bringing beach and watersports life closer to the people – is the obvious thing for RS sailing to do.”

Crystal Lagoons® technology allows developers to build and maintain these idyllic projects in a low-costs and eco-friendly way. The concept aligns with RS Sailing’s commitment to more sustainable solutions. Amenities can use any type of water, including seawater and brackish water, which is abundant and has little to no alternative use. They are created with minimum additives (100 times fewer chemicals than traditional swimming pools) and are only filled once – no need to drain them and replace the water. The lagoons operate in a closed circuit with limited evaporation; the molecular film technology can reduce evaporation by an additional 50%.

Their sites have a far more intensive recreational use than green areas, golf courses, and surf parks, constituting a more efficient use per acre of space and gallon of water. Crystal Lagoons® amenities also have smarter water consumption. By comparison, they use 33 x less water than an 18-hole golf course and 40% less than a park of the same size.

With more than 1000 projects in different stages of operation, development and negotiation worldwide, it’s an exciting time for RS Sailing to join Crystal Lagoons as a preferred vendor.

“As a leader within our sector of the marine industry, partnering with other organisations who are also at the top of their game is an important part of the international growth strategy for RS Sailing. The opportunity to work with Crystal Lagoons and their customers is an exciting one and I am happy that Crystal Lagoons have chosen RS Sailing as a preferred vendor,” said Dan Jaspers , Head of International Sales and Business Development for RS Sailing.

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