Pick a Pier launches boater loyalty programme

Marine tech specialist Pick a Pier is launching a loyalty programme Popeye® Sail Club this spring. The club gives boaters a sustainable loyalty boating club that allows members to set sail with guaranteed berthing in the best marinas. 

Boaters spend time on the water as a great way to feel connected to nature, increase their sense of freedom and is a fabulous way to explore and relax. The advanced technology of the Pick a Pier system and now the new Popeye® Sail Club loyalty programme adds an improved experience for all those using it.

Pick a Pier connects boaters and marinas to make the ocean more accessible and sustainable. And the timesaving digital platform brings peace of mind for all boaters knowing they can quickly and easily access a marina berth. It also allows users to communicate with the marinas easily and reduces hassle with centralised digital documents.

Pick a Pier’s CEO Idan Cohen said: “We are really proud to have created this exclusive one-of-a-kind loyalty programme Popeye® Sail Club as we believe the most forward-thinking boater likes to be prepared, have choices to berth and do this quickly and stress-free. 

“This unique rewards club is powered by Pick a Pier’s pioneering technology. It is an innovative platform that provides Pick a Pier users opportunities to make the most of their boating journeys. At the forefront of the advanced technologies of Pick a Pier is our commitment to future generations of boaters. In partnership with Blue Flag, we have established the Sustainable Boating Pledge that all new boaters sign to adhere to eco-friendly practices at sea and on-shore. We believe this programme and tech opens up an enriching sailing experience that every boater will benefit from.”  

You can sign up to Popeye® Sail Club and be the first to benefit in spring when the club rolls out. Boaters are rewarded every time they book a marina berth, anywhere in the world.

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