Peters & May Sponsors First Female to Set New Solo Transatlantic Sailing Record

Peters & May announces its sponsorship of Aina Bauza, the 29-year-old Mallorcan sailor who has made history by setting the new transatlantic sailing world record as the first woman to navigate solo aboard her 6.5-meter monohull.

Clocking in at 30 days, 22 hours and 34 minutes, Bauza departed from Cadiz, Spain on March 3rd, and arrived at San Salvador in the Bahamas 4,800 nautical miles later, at 12:40 PM Spanish time on April 3rd.

Having amassed more than 20,000 nautical miles over the last three years, Bauza was well versed with sailing and the challenges she could face with a transatlantic crossing. Months of meticulous preparation went into both her boat and her ground team, putting her in good stead for this challenge. Undergoing a boat refurbishment and utilising a strategic approach, Bauza maintained constant communication throughout the crossing with her team, including her meteorologist, who provided crucial guidance through testing weather conditions.

Reflecting on her journey, Bauza shared, “The original plan was to take the shortest and most direct route from Cadiz to San Salvador, this would have been 3,884 nautical miles and we hoped I could complete it in less than 21 days. Weather conditions just did not allow for this to happen, to sail safely I had to navigate a southerly course to stay with the favourable winds. This ultimately made the journey longer and is where I clocked up the additional miles.”


Beyond trumping the challenge of her solo transatlantic voyage aboard the 6.5m boat, Bauza acknowledges it too was a challenge of solitude. “I always dreamed of sailing my boat across the ocean and this was the perfect excuse to do it. I wanted to make it a challenge and so chose to do it alone”, after going 16 days with no trace of other life out there, Bauza admits to now having an appetite for sailing with a crew but still has plans for solo navigation in the future.

Currently sailing from San Salvador to Miami alongside American sailor, Stacey Barnes, Bauza will meet her transport sponsors, Peters & May, who will ship her boat back to Europe.

Expressing gratitude for the support she received, Bauza said, “Although I was out on the water alone, the support from everyone kept me going, from family and friends to my team and sponsors; I’m really appreciative to Peters & May whose physical support has alleviated the logistical stress of getting my boat home. I can now relax and celebrate this success.” The Maritime Transport and The World Sailing Speed Record Council (WSSRC) is set to award Bauza with a certificate acknowledging this recent achievement.

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