Pantaenius UK to launch new initiative

Pantaenius UK will unveil the debut of its new sea safety initiative, “Don’t be hasty, think safety!” at the Southampton International Boat Show 2023.

Safety on the open water is an indisputable priority, and Pantaenius UK is determined to promote responsible boating practices while emphasising the importance of safety at sea and the use of lifesaving equipment. The ‘Don’t be hasty, think safety!’ campaign is poised to ignite a culture of maritime safety and sea safety preparedness within the boating community.

Simon Hedley, Head of Commercial Partnerships at Pantaenius UK, outlines the profound significance of this campaign, stating, “At Pantaenius UK, we recognise the indispensable role that safety plays in every boater’s voyage. Sea safety is a cornerstone of our values. Our mission is to ensure that each maritime adventure is not only enjoyable but also as safe as possible. The ‘Don’t be hasty, think safety!’ campaign seamlessly aligns with our dedication to promoting the practice of responsible boating.”

This valuable campaign will feature an exciting boat show competition, affording boaters the opportunity to win an exclusive bundle of essential sea safety equipment. This comprehensive array of items has been carefully curated in partnership with Pantaenius’ key collaborators, including Musto, Spinlock, Exposure OLAS and Ocean Safety. It is poised to equip boaters with vital tools for a safer and more enjoyable experience on the water.

Moreover, as part of a commitment to raising sea safety awareness among younger boating enthusiasts, junior attendees will also have a chance to win a children’s life jacket from Ocean Safety. This collaboration with Ocean Safety highlights their enthusiasm for the cause and amplifies the overarching message of safety at sea.

Pantaenius UK invites all attendees of the Southampton Boat Show to visit their stand, J174, in Ocean Hall. Here, you can delve deeper into the ‘Don’t be hasty, think safety!’ campaign, participate in the exciting competition, and engage with the expert team to explore how Pantaenius can meet all boating insurance needs. For those unable to attend the boat show, don’t worry, you can still enter the sea safety bundle competition through our website. Click here to enter:


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