In the world of marine insurance, Pantaenius has long been a trusted name for boat owners. Their ethos is not just about safeguarding assets; it’s about being there for their policyholders, even when the most daunting challenges arise. Therefore, when the catastrophic weather phenomenon of Storm Babet recently unleashed its fury across Europe, Pantaenius demonstrated exactly what it means to stand by their customers.

As Storm Babet wrought havoc, leaving a trail of devastation in its path, wind speeds reached up to 120 mph and storm surges exceeded 2 metres, it was a disaster of unimaginable proportions. The impact extended far beyond coastal regions, affecting areas inhabited by many Pantaenius policyholders. As the full force battered the Baltic Sea coast, Pantaenius  sprang into action. Predictions of water levels of 1.50 metres above average posed a significant threat to boats and ports in the region.

Their professional team were quick to respond, deploying experts and a dedicated crew to the affected ports. They ensured round-the-clock availability through their emergency damage hotline and dedicated email, offering essential support to boat owners in need. In the midst of the destruction, Pantaenius urged affected boat owners to share detailed information and discussed immediate actions over the phone.

In the midst of these challenging times, Pantaenius, headquartered in Hamburg, took charge of deploying a Mobile Incident Response Unit (MIRU) to the hardest-hit areas and initiated the challenging task of salvaging those boats which had sunk, in collaboration with dedicated professionals from Marine Claims Service. The team provided on-site assistance, coordinated rescue operations and supported policyholders, showing that recovery and restoration were a collective effort. When a crisis strikes and they don’t have an office in the area, they turn to one of their over 35,000 partners to ensure swift claim settlement.

The real work began after the storm with Pantaenius explaining: “In this case, the UK has been fortunate, resulting in nothing too out of the ordinary in terms of claims, but emerging as a pillar of real-time assistance, standing by customers at every stage of the process. Whether it was assessing the extent of damage, coordinating salvage operations, or arranging temporary accommodation, we were there.

“In the aftermath of this natural disaster, we not only managed the crisis efficiently but also demonstrated genuine concern. We weren’t just settling claims; we were on the ground, providing immediate and comprehensive assistance when it was needed most. Babet certainly serves as a stark reminder of nature’s unpredictability. It also accentuates the determination and versatility of the Pantaenius Group – we don’t just offer insurance; we provide unequivocal support when the unexpected happens. When you’re insured with Pantaenius, you’re not just a policyholder; you are part of a strong and supportive boating  community.”

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