‘Open’ Category announced for the RS Venture Connect World Championship 2024

Inclusivity is at the heart of the RS Venture Connect Class, which is why the class – together with RS Sailing and Rutland Sailing Club – has announced a new initiative for the RS Venture Connect World Championship. A concept that is believed to be the first of its kind for a para sailboat class…

The 2024 RS Venture Connect World Championship event organisers have announced the newly created ‘Open’ category, which is designed for participation by all, including non-disabled teams. Crews wishing to enter in this ‘Open’ category will compete head-to-head with those teams sailing in the ‘Para’ and ‘Inclusive’ categories, including multiple World Champions in not only the RS Venture Class but also from other Para Sailing Classes.

“For sailing to be truly inclusive and for disabled sailors to feel that they are not being treated differently to those sailors without disabilities we need to ensure that everyone can sail and compete side-by-side, with the equipment being the ‘leveller’ and not the disability.” said Dan Jaspers, Manufacturer Representative for the RS Venture Connect Class.

He continues: “The RS Venture Connect class has been a long-term supporter of the term inclusivity but it is only by opening up our events to everyone to be able take part in that we can say that we are actually doing what it is we have been preaching about, that being that sailing is a Sport for all! I hope that by opening up our event we will show other sailboat classes and event organisers what we can achieve if we think outside of the box. Inclusion, as the saying goes, is the solution!”

The 2024 World Championship takes place on Rutland Water reservoir, 30 September – 3 October. It will feature the World Sailing sanctioned ‘Para’ category (for teams consisting of two sailors both with World Sailing Minimal Disability (MD) Para Classification status at the time of the event), an ‘Inclusive’ category (which is aimed at increasing opportunities for participation by disabled sailors whose disability does not meet the Para Classification criteria), and the newly created ‘Open’ category. The event will also run alongside the International Inclusive Keelboat Championship 2024 which is being raced on RS21s. This combined Worlds and International event features classifications so virtually any sailor can compete – a celebration of true Inclusion Sailing.

To enter the RS Venture Connect World Championship, head to the online event entry portal on the RSSailing.club.

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