Ocean Safety opens disposal facility at four UK branches for all brands of pyrotechnics

Boat owners can now safely dispose of all their out-of-date flares at one of Ocean Safety’s four branches around the UK, no matter the brand or where the flares were originally purchased.   

Flares can become unstable and therefore dangerous if stored for too long or used after their end date.  Ocean Safety’s branches in Southampton, Plymouth, Glasgow and Aberdeen are all able to accept the time-expired pyrotechnics where they will be legally and safely disposed of.

There is a nominal fee of £2.15 per item for disposal, however since Ocean Safety sells a complete range of new pyrotechnics the fee will be waived for anyone replacing their out-of-date flares with new ones purchased like for like from the company at the same time.

“It is very important to legally and safely dispose of all types of unused pyrotechnics,” comments Ocean Safety’s managing director, Alistair Hackett.  “Most boat owners will know that it is illegal to dispose of flares, whether at sea or on land.  It is also illegal and dangerous to let flares off unless in an emergency, even on Guy Fawkes Night! Ocean Safety provides this safe disposal facility for the safety and wellbeing of the whole boating community and, of course, to protect the resources of rescue services.”

Visit www.oceansafety.com for the location details of each branch and to check opening times.

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