North Atlantic Fishing Company sponsors Hull Sea Cadets’ annual sailing trip

North Atlantic Fishing Company supported the Hull Sea Cadets on their recent four-day camping and sailing trip to Welton Water, inspiring the next generation of mariners in the region. 

The long-standing relationship and annual sponsorship enabled the cohort of 36 Sea Cadets, ranging in age from 10 to 17 years old, to practice their sailing skills by day and their camping skills by night.

The trip has been running for two years at Welton Water, which is situated next to a scenic stretch of the Humber River, allowing the Cadets to take part in a range of activities including, sailing, wind surfing, paddle boarding and rowing, encouraging them to spend time on the water and hopefully inspire their future careers.

The North Atlantic Fishing Company has a home port of Hull and owns and operates a fleet of British registered fishing vessels, including the Frank Bonefaas, Northern Joy and Wirons 5 and 6.

The company often partners with charities and organisations, providing fun and educational experiences for the younger generation that positively impact on their experience growing up in the maritime region of Hull and influence a future life at sea. In previous years North Atlantic Fishing Company has invested in apprentices from Humberside Engineering Training Association (HETA) to help launch their seafaring careers, and earlier this year the crew of the Frank Bonefaas hosted tours around the impressive vessel for the Hull Sea Cadets and Trinity House pupils in celebration of the Platinum Jubilee.

Sally Green, Commanding Officer of the Hull Sea Cadets, said: “I have been with the Sea Cadets since 2007 and have led the Hull Cadets since 2018 when I took over as Commanding Officer. We have been running this trip for two years and we all volunteer our time, but without the sponsorship from North Atlantic Fishing Company it would not be possible.

“It has been a difficult period during and post pandemic as there isn’t as much money to support these kinds of activities, so it is very important and means a lot to the kids that attend. Some don’t get the opportunity to get out on the water so this trip offers them the chance to learn new skills and meet new people. Welton Water has some amazing instructors , giving the cadets an opportunity to be around professionals, learning and building upon their sailing and practical skills.

Jessica Case, age 14, member of the Cadets for 1 year 2 months said: “I haven’t been a member of the Cadets for as long as some others and when I started I was a little scared but everyone is so welcoming and I felt really comfortable straight away. I love the lessons and all of the activities – this trip is fantastic because my favourite activity is sailing and we get the chance to do it for four days!”

Phil Haslam, Managing Director at North Atlantic Holdings, said: “We love being able to get involved with the activities of the Hull Sea Cadets and this annual trip is a lovely way to end the summer for them, providing an opportunity  to build upon their sailing and outdoor skills. It is so important that we continue to provide experiences to inspire the next generation of maritime professionals within the Humber region especially given its rich maritime history that should not be forgotten.”

For more information about the work on the North Atlantic Fishing Company, please visit the website.

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