NNM acquires model of HMM Algeciras, one of the largest container ships in the world

Royal Museums Greenwich has acquired a 1:150 scale model of the container ship HMM Algeciras, which is now on display in the Voyagers Gallery at the National Maritime Museum.

Container ships have revolutionised the world since the 1950s, facilitating fast and cost-efficient global trade. When it launched in April 2020, HMM Algeciras was the largest container ship in the world, with a capacity to carry 23,964 20ft shipping containers – the equivalent of 1,150,272,000 bananas, or 17 bananas per person in the UK. At a shade under 400m the HMM Algeciras is longer than The Shard is tall.

The ship model measures 1620 x 2960 x 760mm and was donated to the museum by the operators of the HMM Algeciras class of container ships, HMM Co Ltd., a South Korean container transportation and shipping company.

It is the latest addition to the world’s largest collection of ship models. The National Maritime Museum holds approximately 4,600 ship models, with a broad range of vessels dating from 1800BC to the present day represented.


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