New wave of cleaner boating

British electric boatbuilder, Neva Group has announced the introduction of the Pixii™ brand of electric boats after securing a first-round low-carbon development grant worth £100k.

Inspired by Hippolyte Pixii, a scientific instrument maker from Paris who built the first apparatus for generating an alternating current from a rotating magnet, the zero-carbon Pixii™ range is 100 per cent electric and built using recyclable materials.

The key driver of the Pixii brand is the creation of state-of-the-art electric boats for a new generation of boaters who want an environmental connection and sense of tradition.

Managing director, Charles Hall said: “Covid-19 has forced an acceleration of the fourth industrial revolution, which is really good news for the advancement of smarter technology. By investing in a business that creates a positive impact on the environment, we are delighted to be part of this new wave of cleaner boating.”

The Pixii® SP 750, the first model to be introduced, has an estimated top speed of close to 40knots and a run time of 8 – 10 hours at 12 – 14 knots – enough for a day out on the water.

With an anticipated 90 per cent reduction in maintenance and running costs, upgrades to Pixii’s electrical specification are also being offered to customers and OEMs who want to convert their existing vessels for economic and environmental benefits. The SP range is also being adapted for the utility and workboat markets for use in harbours, marinas and offshore renewable vessels.

Prices for the Pixii SP 750 start from £150,000 for the base hull and drivetrain package, rising to around £260,000 for a fully specified twin-engine luxury day boat or performance tender.

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