New OLAS N2K MOB alert and smart protection hub launched

Exposure Marine is launching the NMEA 2000 connected OLAS N2K, its latest developments in OLAS Smart protection.

OLAS N2K is a small yet powerful smart hub and tracker that brings peace of mind to all skippers and crew members. NMEA compatible, the OLAS N2K alerts skippers immediately in the event of a man overboard (MOB), can instantly stop the boat as well as remotely lock and unlock your boat.

The crew are connected to the OLAS N2K via wearable OLAS transmitters. Using the NEMA 2000 network, the N2K unit is connected to the chartplotter and onboard power supply. An MOB alarm is triggered when any of the OLAS transmitters move out of range of the OLAS N2K, activating a loud internal alarm, emergency light and simultaneously transmitting an MOB warning onto the NMEA 200 network.

The N2K is designed to function on sailing and powered vessels up to 125ft. It is especially useful for when crew are working on foredecks or aft platforms, where a MOB can easily go unnoticed especially if it is dark. The immediate alarm system saves valuable life-saving minutes. It is also a comprehensive, cost-effective safety system for smaller vessels, short-handed sailing or boating with the family, costing less than a couple of modern lifejackets.

The OLAS N2K is compatible with most chartplotters that accept and display the AIS Safety Broadcast (PGN 129802). This alert emulates the message that is received from an AIS SART device. It includes the GPS location of the boat exactly when the alert was triggered enabling the chart plotter to set the MOB location.

Instant engine cut-off

OLAS N2K is ideal for use with inboard and outboard engines and can be integrated with the existing engine cut-off system to instantly stop the boat. This ensures all on board can react quickly to an MOB situation, and that the vessel stays close to the point of incident for a quicker recovery, using the information triggered on the chartplotter.

OLAS Smart Lock outboard engine ignition immobiliser

For yachts or boats fitted with a petrol outboard, one of the OLAS N2K’s unique features is the OLAS Smart Lock, which is connected to the vessel’s engine cut-off system. Acting as a secondary key system, it prevents the engine being started, reducing the risk of opportunistic theft or unwanted use.

When Smart Lock is activated, the engine’s ignition system is automatically locked after isolating the battery, such as when leaving the boat for a period of time. Alternatively, if you need to quickly pop up the pontoon, the OLAS T2 tag or OLAS mobile app can be used to stop the engine and lock the vessel whilst walking away. On arrival back at the boat, OLAS N2K automatically recognises the Smart Key unlocking the Smart Lock so the engine is ready for use. The OLAS mobile app also enables the system to be unlocked using a custom access pin code.

Customisable Helm Tag

OLAS N2K also features the latest Helm Tag firmware which allows you to setup an OLAS transmitter as a dedicated driver tag via the OLAS mobile app. This clever addition is designed specifically for power boats up to 30ft long. You can calibrate the distance the tag can go before the engine cuts off, effectively adjusting the length of the ‘virtual kill cord’ effect, meaning it can stop the boat should the driver fall over inboard on the vessel, or moves too far from the helm position.

Helm Tag also means the driver can leave the boat without activating the man overboard alarm, providing seamless disconnection and reconnection when back at the pontoon.

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