Navigating mental well-being for yacht crew

On this World Mental Health Day and beyond, Mynd empowers yacht crew to navigate the seas of life. Founded by former yacht crew member Sarah Kroker, Mynd has been born from first-hand knowledge, experience and the pressing need for resources and support.

The yachting industry, often epitomised as the “word hard, player harder” dream, comes with its own set of challenges. Behind the glamorous lifestyle image, many yacht crew members grapple with the harsh realities of the job.

The demands of providing seven-star service and 24/7 dedication to an elite clientele, coupled with the isolation of living and working in close proximity while being away from home and missing friends and family, can create a unique set of pressures. Ones that can significantly affect mental well-being, often leaving crew feeling unsupported, stressed and anxious. These challenges are a wake-up call to the urgent need for additional support systemslike Mynd.

Founded by Sarah Kroker and grounded on her personal story and journey, Mynd is a testament to the transformative power of confronting mental health challenges. As a former yachtie, she understands the day-to-day reality of life onboard, but, like many, she neglected her own well-being while at sea. Fueled by her own struggles and a desire for change, Sarah embarked on a path of personal growth and self-discovery.

After transitioning back to land and running her own recruitment company, she witnessed further the glaring mental health problems within the industry. Motivated by her empathetic nature and drive to help others, Sarah launched Mynd to help others access the positive changes she had experienced. Taking a holistic approach, which she now integrates within Mynd, Sarah delves into the root causes of mental health challenges and offers preventative measures.

“Having experienced both the highs and the lows of the yachting lifestyle, I realised that mental health challenges in the industry are often overlooked. My journey of self-discovery and healing drove me to launch Mynd, to guide yacht crew toward a calmer, more balanced state of well-being using tools I wish I had during my time at sea.” – Sarah Kroker, founder of Mynd.

Through a comprehensive collection of resources and expert guidance designed specifically for the yachting community, Mynd facilitates its mission to empower and support yacht crew. Founded upon the principles of empathy and a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by crew, Mynd is seeking to bridge the gap in mental health support.

Mynd offers the ‘Myndful toolkit’, an online course designed to equip crew with unique practices, techniques and support to boost mental well-being and offer strategies to manage stress and find balance. Complementing the course, Mynd also provides one-to-one coaching sessions that blend both scientific and spiritual techniques. Joining Mynd means becoming a part of a strong community, ensuring yacht crew receives the support they need.

Today, on World Mental Health Day, Mynd is beginning its mission to support the yachting community and envisions an industry where mental health challenges are acknowledged and support is readily accessible. Offering innovative resources and growing its strong community, Mynd aspires to expand its offerings, delving deeper into holistic approaches and preventative measures for mental health, ultimately fostering a culture of enhanced well-being in the yachting community.

“Yachting was a wonderful career that allowed me to explore the world, but it’s not a perfect industry. Mynd represents my commitment to supporting yacht crew in prioritising their mental well-being. I am excited about the launch of Mynd and dedicated to creating a more supportive industry for all crew, present and future,” – Sarah Kroker.

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