MDL Marinas commits to sustainability with the launch of its new Green Strategy

MDL Marinas has announced the launch of its new Green Strategy, committing to sustainability and focusing on the prevention of environmental issues through education and innovative eco initiatives.  

The UK has an ambitious target of achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050. MDL is committed to supporting this, and its Green Strategy is the beginning of a journey to make it the UK’s most sustainable marina group, developing a culture of environmental awareness and care amongst its customers and teams.

Demonstrating the company’s commitment to protecting the natural beauty of its marina locations and the marine ecosystem, MDL’s strategy incorporates current practices and activities with forward thinking ideas that are flexible enough to be developed alongside changes in government policy and marine related legislation.

“We’re proud of everything we’ve achieved so far, but we know there’s more to do as a marina group, and as part of the leisure marine industry,” says Tim Mayer, sales and marketing director at MDL. “We’ve committed to being part of the solution through our new Green Strategy, which sets out our plan to navigate to #greenermarinas. Through the use of our hashtag, we want to help educate anyone who comes to our marinas on best environmental practices, both ashore and while out boating. 

“Prevention is always better than cure, and a massive part of this is making it as easy as possible for people to follow the guidance, such as ensuring the appropriate recycling facilities are on hand and clearly labelled, or that people have access to the right information on marine related issues, including how to help stop the spread of invasive species.”

Working with its supply chain, on-site businesses and berth holders, as well as various industry bodies and environmental organisations, including The Green Blue, Blue Marine Foundation, British Marine and The Yacht Harbour Association, MDL has made huge strides forward with its sustainability initiatives to operate with as minimal negative impact on the environment as possible.

What MDL has achieved so far includes:

Harnessing Solar Energy

Since 2018, MDL has been investing in solar panels to efficiently convert the sun’s energy to be used on-site. It’s now got close to 1,000 solar panels on buildings at five of its marinas, which in 2020 generated 120,346 Kwh of electricity. Live data from the solar panels is now displaying on MDL’s website including lifetime energy generated, total CO2 emissions saved, and equivalent trees planted.

Renewable Energy

All the electricity MDL doesn’t produce and needs to purchase comes from 100% renewable sources. This means MDL’s customers benefit from clean, green energy that is produced in harmony with the environment, without depleting the earth’s natural resources or producing harmful greenhouse gases.

Electric Vehicle Charging Points

Over 40 electric car charging points have been installed at MDL’s marinas, to support its customers’ switch to cleaner, greener vehicles.

MDL Fitness

MDL has just launched MDL Fitness, a new range of green gyms where the innovative SportsArt ECO-POWR™ equipment harnesses up to 74% of a user’s energy spent exercising before converting it to utility grade electricity.

Waste Management and Recycling

Full recycling and waste management facilities are available at all MDL marinas, including hazardous waste where there’s a 100% zero waste to landfill policy. MDL is increasing the amount and type of waste it can recycle, from food to ferrous metals, which can then be transformed into new products or used to generate electricity.

Examples of how MDL is navigating to #greenermarinas:

More Electric Vehicle Charging Points

MDL is currently upgrading its electric vehicle charging point facilities to provide additional charging points at each of its locations.

Reducing Ocean Plastics

Much publicised in the media, plastics and micro-plastics continue to be an environmental concern. MDL is playing its part in helping to reduce plastic and waste emanating from its marinas through education, and the continued provision of secure waste and recycling receptables. MDL has also installed a Seabin at three of its marinas to collect litter from the water and improve water quality.

Sustainable Staff Uniform

Working with its uniform supplier, MDL has sourced and is trialling an alternative uniform for the marina teams produced from 100% recycled plastic.

Beneficial Disposal of Dredge Material

As with many marinas globally, MDL’s marinas are subject to ongoing siltation and require regular dredging to maintain water depths. MDL is working with harbour authorities and councils local to its marinas to re-distribute the dredge from its sites, helping to build mudflat levels where needed, encouraging saltmarshes to re-establish, and increasing flora and fauna.

Rapid Charging for Electric Boats

MDL recognises that for the electric boat market to evolve, it is essential to develop a charging network offering rapid charging for smaller vessels, such as RIBs and sports boats.

With this in mind, and wanting to support its customers wishing to make their boating more sustainable and as environmentally friendly as possible, MDL is aiming to become the first UK marina group to offer an electric boat charging solution across its marinas.

“Looking at how the boating industry is evolving, we’re investing heavily to support it with regards to sustainability in any way we can. We’re also investing long term in our own journey towards sustainability, tackling environmental issues and helping protect the planet,” continues Tim. “We are committed to the marine ecosystem, ensuring it’s in great shape for years to come for the enjoyment of all, and we’d like to invite everyone to join us.”

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