JCS puts focus on marine industry with Pip Hare sponsorship

JCS Hi-Torque has announced its sponsorship of Pip Hare, an accomplished sailor, and her Medallia racing yacht team. The three-year sponsorship extends through the prestigious Vendée Globe race in 2024.

Boat owners know that a vessel’s plumbing system is critical to its overall function and safety. One of the most important components are the hose clips, responsible for securing hoses and preventing leaks in the system. Clearly hose clips may not be something most people think about until they malfunction, however, at JCS, these vital items are a constant priority. JCS specialises in manufacturing stainless steel hose clips.

Edward Mockridge, CEO at JCS said, “Pip’s determination to compete in the Vendée Globe in 2020, and the obstacles that she had to overcome just to get on the start line, let alone actually finish the race, just go to prove how resourceful she is. I was personally extremely proud to have supplied Pip with the hose clips that kept her in the race last time around, and we are all absolutely delighted to be able to increase our support for Pip and her team for the next Vendee Globe in 2024.”

More information can be found at www.jcshi-torque.co.uk.

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