Hovertravel partners with Portsmouth Pride

Hovertravel has partnered with Portsmouth Pride to show support for the LGBTQ+ community and encourage people to cross the Solent for this full day of celebrations spread across Southsea Common on 11 June.

Pat Sowerbutts, commercial manager at Hovertravel, explains: “Hovertravel is a long-time supporter of Pride events in the region and is an award winning champion for diversity.  With this year’s Portsmouth Pride returning after two years of hiatus, we are celebrating being the closest cross-Solent transport link with the event just a short walk from our Southsea terminal. Plus Island residents can use their Blue card to get discounted flights too.

An important element of this partnership has been the connections we have made between Portsmouth Pride and businesses both in Portsmouth and on the Isle of Wight, linking up like-minded organisations who can help each other. When we facilitate better networking, we bring communities closer together.”

CP Quinn, partnerships manager at Portsmouth Pride, added: “Working with the world’s only passenger hovercraft service gives us the opportunity to amplify our message to both the Isle of Wight and Portsmouth communities and help attract people to our free event from across the Solent region.”

Hovertravel’s journey time is under 10 minutes and offers the fastest way to get to Portsmouth Pride.  Blue Card discounts are available to all Blue card holders and blue cards are free for all Island residents; apply online here:  https://www.hovertravel.co.uk/bluecard-signup

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