The 1968 Golden Globe was the first ever around the world yacht race. Since then, legends including the only finisher and winner Sir Robin Knox Johnston and Bernard Moitessier have inspired many sailors and created new around the world races.

In 2018, with partner Les Sables d’Olonne, the Golden Globe returned after 50 years. 10 months after the start Tapio Lehtinen, the last of only five sailors to complete the journey, crossed the finish line. However, it was Jean Luc Van Den Heede who won that second Golden Globe. He spent 212 days at sea, totally alone – the equivalent of three Vendée Globes.

Now the adventure continues with a third edition starting from Les Sables d’Olonne on 4 September 2022. It steps back to a simpler time, where the sailor relies entirely on themselves for their own destiny.

The GGR is the only solo race around the world with no outside assistance of any kind. There is no technology, no satellite comms or GPS, no autopilots and only cassette tapes for music. It is a gruelling, demanding and daring marathon. In fact, you could fly to Mars quicker than completing the GGR.

Open to sailors young and old, it is affordable with 32 – 36ft strong, recycled, seaworthy yet simple yachts. So far 28 entrants from 11 countries have signed up, with eight from Britain. New for 2022, there will be a two-hour time penalty for every litre of fuel consumed during the race, which will be added to finishing times. This is designed to encourage entrants to focus on solar, wind and water power generation.

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