Ferrari to enter sailing competitions

A new project begins; a great challenge that stems from Ferrari’s racing DNA and innovative drive.

The Prancing Horse is preparing to compete in the world of sailing under the guidance of Team Principal and acclaimed navigator, Giovanni Soldini. In addition to competing on tracks all over the world, Ferrari is now embarking on this new venture to enhance its technological know how, in line with the company’s continuous will to progress.

This unique project will see the Maranello-based company utilise cutting-edge technologies throughout the entire cycle, from conception and engineering to realisation. The search for maximum performance at sea will generate innovations and concrete solutions for sustainability that, in line with Ferrari’s tradition, will be an important stimulus in the evolution of its sports cars.

John Elkann, Chairman of Ferrari, said: “We are about to embark on an exciting journey that will expand our racing soul. With this new competitive challenge, motivated by our innovative capacity and commitment to sustainability, we will push beyond current boundaries. We are happy to be able to count on Giovanni, who is extraordinary in terms of experience, determination and team spirit.” 

Giovanni Soldini said: “I am thrilled to start this new adventure with Ferrari. We are working on an important and cutting-edge project with an amazing technological potential that brings together different worlds and skills of the highest level. Working with an exceptional team in the research and development of innovative solutions that are respectful of our environment is a truly unique experience.”

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