Falmouth Harbour – Port with a Purpose Open Day, 13 October

The dynamic maritime past, present and future of the Port of Falmouth and beyond are on the agenda of an Open Day on Thursday 13 October run by Falmouth Harbour (FH), supported by Cornwall Chamber of Commerce and the National Maritime Museum Cornwall (NMMC).
The globally-important history and culture of this Trust Port, the world-class marine operations and businesses which are key to its present and future success and equally important environmental initiatives will all be presented and discussed across the first such event of its kind – open to the general public as well as invited guests.
“A core value for our incredible Falmouth Harbour team is a new level of transparency and openness and we want to engage with the community and other stakeholders so everyone can feel pride in our Harbour and understand how we run and manage it safely,” says CEO Miles Carden.
“As part of Maritime UK Week 2022 we are celebrating the work we do to keep our amazing Harbour safe and vibrant, showcase the marine industry around it, how we are protecting the environment and attracting new marine technologies that could deliver a bright new future for its communities.”
Cornwall’s marine sector has more than 800 businesses which together employ more than 15,000 people and contribute more than £1Billion to Cornwall’s GDP. More than 40% of Cornwall’s marine businesses are based at the Port of Falmouth, making it the beating heart at the centre of the Cornwall marine economy.
Cornwall Chamber will open the day with Planet C – its ambitious rallying cry to Cornish businesses across the board to take action now against the climate crisis.
“We know that there is a massive gap between climate ambition and climate action among SMEs,” says Kim Conchie, Cornwall Chamber CEO. “Lack of skills, funding and time all play into the mix so Planet C has been designed in direct response and tackles the challenges head on.
“I am confident Cornish businesses can rise to this challenge. We are one of the biggest hubs for B-Corps outside of London and nature and the environment is in our DNA.”
The day will launch Falmouth Harbour’s part in OpenSkies Cornwall – a major project preparing Cornwall for the future of drones, which has already seen the first mail, essential PPE and COVID test kits flown to remote communities, in partnership with Royal Mail and the NHS.
In a presentation and debate Falmouth Harbour’s Environment Manager Vicki Spooner and a panel of experts will be looking at Falmouth’s marine environment and the range of initiatives currently underway and planned – including the restoration of seagrass and maerl beds and improving water quality within the Harbour.
As Falmouth’s world-famous Pendennis Shipyard approaches its 35th birthday guests will be taken behind the scenes of their facilities, people, skills and activities which include restoration, refit and bespoke build work on some of the sleekest superyachts on the planet.
The crucial work of Falmouth’s Pilot Services will be discussed – just as the Harbour invites tenders for construction of a cleaner, more efficient pilot vessel to join a fleet operating 24/7, 365 days a year.
History and Culture will end the day as former Assistant Harbour Master Lloyd Pond looks at the history of Falmouth Harbour Commissioners over its 150 years, followed by the mastermind of the Man Engine, Will Coleman of Golden Tree Productions, on “Kernocentricity” – how Cornwall (& Falmouth) are right at the heart of what matters.
“We want to combine our forces to start better telling the story of the importance of our Harbour’s fascinating past, present and future,” says Miles Carden. “Falmouth Harbour has always had a global outlook – strategically positioned as the UK’s first and last port on edge of the Atlantic Ocean.” 

For a full itinerary on Falmouth Harbour’s first Open Day at NMMC and details on booking tickets visit www.falmouthharbour.co.uk/openday2022/ . Tickets for the event are free but please note that numbers are limited.

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