Eddie Jordan’s exciting new Oyster 495 splashes

Former Formula One team owner and race winner, Eddie Jordan has revealed his new Oyster 495 TUGA.

The 495 is the newest boat in the Oyster Yachts fleet and is currently exhibiting in cities across Europe on a World Premiere Tour – next stop Barcelona, 30 July.

Eddie’s conviction to saving marine life is what inspired the name Tortuga featured on the hull, the Spanish word for turtle, which is a greatly endangered species.

Oyster 495 TUGA features a striking design, a collaboration with London-based design agencies Hekkta and Holmes Interior Studio, which was born from Eddie’s brief of sea-life, something fun and exciting.

“I think the baby of all families should be young, free and fun. The Oyster 495 is our little Oyster baby. Rock and Roll!” said Eddie Jordan.

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