EBI Launches Manifesto Ahead of EU Elections: Charting the Future of Boating and Tourism in Europe

With EU elections coming in June 2024 and set to define the next five years, EBI releases its manifesto aimed at shaping the policy framework for boating and nautical tourism in Europe. It outlines a comprehensive strategy to bolster the boating industry’s role in driving economic prosperity, fostering sustainability and innovation, and enhancing European competitiveness on the global stage.

Boating and water sports are integral to Europe’s economic prosperity, cultural heritage, and societal well-being. With over 32,000 companies and 280,000 employees, the industry stands as a cornerstone of the blue economy and tourism sector, providing access to Europe’s seas and inland waters for 48 million regular water sports users.

EBI’s manifesto titled “Navigating Tomorrow: A vision for a sustainable boating industry #MadeInEurope” delineates a strategic framework crucial for the future of the European boating and nautical tourism sector. Among these objectives are the advancement of environmental sustainability and circularity, the renewal of European competitiveness, the facilitation of European-based tourism across borders, the revitalisation of Europe’s inland and coastal infrastructure, and the reduction of administrative burdens. To translate these objectives into tangible outcomes, EBI has outlined a series of concrete calls in its manifesto.

EBI will communicate the manifesto with candidates for the EU election taking place from 6-9 June 2024, as well as in the post-election period with the EU Commission and elected Members of the European Parliament. EBI and its members call on candidates for the EU Elections to support the Manifesto’s objectives.

Robert Marx, President of EBI, expressed optimism about the industry’s future, stating: “The next EU legislative cycle will be of vital importance in shaping our industry in the coming years. We look forward to engaging with EU leaders to ensure our sector continues thriving. Our Manifesto reflects our commitment to building a resilient and innovative boating industry. We call on candidates in the EU elections to address these priorities collaboratively, so we can foster an environment that not only sustains our businesses but also contributes positively to European economy and society.”

For more information and access to the full Manifesto, visit EBI’s website.

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