Devon marine artist donates stunning painting to raise money for Dame Ellen MacArthur’s cancer trust

A Devon marine artist who is inspired by the energy and excitement of sailing is raffling off one of her stunning works to raise money for the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust.

Image: Ellen MacArthur’s Cancer Trust

The striking painting by Summer Jane is valued at £2,750 and is titled Victory 04, part of her exclusive Victory Collection, and details a 24ct gold leaf feature, replacing her trademark splash of orange.

She has long admired the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust, and like so many, has seen the physical and mental impacts of cancer on people close to her. With her love of sailing, she also understands its life-changing potential and how young people living through and beyond cancer benefit from the charity’s transformational adventures on the water.

By generously donating this gorgeous painting, she hopes to make a difference and bring the joy of sailing to young lives.

The Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust has set a fundraising target for the raffle of £4,000 – enough to fund a boat of six young people on one of their magical trips. Tickets to enter the raffle are just £10 and can be found here:

Describing her paintings, Summer said: “The aim of my artwork is to capture the excitement and energy of sailing and present it on canvas in a contemporary style. I want you to look at my paintings and be instantly transported to that very moment on the water.”

The Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust is a national charity that takes young people aged 8-24 on sailing and outdoor adventures to inspire them to believe in a brighter future living through and beyond cancer.

Because of cancer’s impact on their mental wellbeing, simply picking up where they left off before their diagnosis just isn’t possible for many young people.

Adjusting to this ‘new normal’ can be extremely difficult, which is why when treatment ends, the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust’s work begins.

Through the Trust’s sailing and outdoor adventures, young people laugh, gain a new sense of purpose and self-worth, rediscover independence, and feel optimism for the future. They realise what they are capable of and stop feeling like ‘the only one’. They start to re-establish their purpose and place in the world and believe in a brighter future.

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