D-Marin supports local youth sports, culture, and volunteers with €39,500 in donations to Croatian good causes

D-Marin has donated a total of €39,500 to good causes in Croatia to preserve and celebrate the country’s heritage and traditions, encourage growth in youth sports, and engage within local communities.

These donations form part of D-Marin’s long-term investment plans for Croatia. They will continue to support local communities and traditions, ensuring the area continues to draw in visitors wishing to experience all the things that make Croatia special.

A portion of this donation was made to support sports, recognising the positive impact of thriving clubs on the community and inspiring talented young people to pursue their passions. A significant contribution was made to FC Bibinje’s youth football programme, enabling the club to invest in new equipment and encouraging young people from Croatia to engage in sport. Diadora Basketball Club used D-Marin’s donation to provide court rental, judges’ fees, equipment and awards for its summer league.

D-Marin operates 23 marinas across the Mediterranean and Gulf regions and has four premium marinas located in Croatia – Borik, Dalmacija, Tribunj and Mandalina.

Roko Iglić, the Sports Director of FC Bibinje, stated: “With over 100 children in our football school, the sponsorship funds we’ve received have played a vital role in nurturing their development, improving their overall well-being, and enhancing their sports skills. We are grateful to D-Marin for recognising this need and for their generous support, which has made a profound and positive impact on our club.”

This support from D-Marin includes backing of the Sukošan Volunteer Fire Department, an association on which the local community relies. Milan Ročak, president of the club and fire chief, stated: “We will use these funds kindly donated by D-Marin, to improve the fire protection and rescue system in the area of Sukošan municipality. This support is vital to our ability to provide a vital service to the community.”

D-Marin has also engaged with cultural traditions and events across Croatia’s coastal regions, strengthening community cohesion, and boosting tourism. The Tribunj Tourist Board has benefitted from D-Marin’s support, with crucial funding enabling the town to host traditional events such as music festivals and folklore ensembles. D-Marin’s Tribunj marina is a large local employer and a key component of the local area.

Oliver Dörschuck, Chief Executive Officer at D-Marin, said: “We’re proud to be supporting the future of Croatia with these donations. Croatia is home to four of our marinas and we aim to preserve its traditions, culture, and environment in any way we can. Our marinas are a positive part of the community, and we will always seek new ways we can connect with the local area.”

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