Candela C-8 performs successful first flight

The foiling Candela C-8 has completed its maiden flight.

After reaching its designed take-off speed of 16 knots, the Candela C-8 prototype P-01 lifted off smoothly, and flew noiselessly above the water at a cruise speed of 20 knots.

The transition to zero-emission boats has been hampered by performance. Propelling a planing, conventional speedboat through the water requires enormous amounts of energy, which drains even the biggest lithium-ion batteries after only 30-45 minutes of spirited driving.

Flying above the waves on computer-controlled hydrofoils – underwater wings – Candela’s craft use 80 per cent less energy than conventional boats, which translates into far longer range and higher speeds on pure battery power.

Actively stabilized hydrofoils allow Candela electric boats to leave no trace; no pollution, no noise, no wake. The C-8’s digital Flight control system automatically adjusts the foils to keep the boat level and steady, even in adverse weather conditions.

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