boatfolk launches Coastline Deadline

The marine environment is facing unprecedented change as a direct result of human activity and climate change. These challenges will have major implications for global biodiversity, infrastructure, human health and the productivity of the marine economy, with direct and indirect consequences for the UK.

Proactively responding to these challenges, national boating business boatfolk, is launching Coastline Deadline, a new platform designed to back projects which have a real, positive and measurable impact on the coastline.

boatfolk currently operates more than 4,000 berths spanning across 11 marinas located around the UK coastline. Coastline Deadline aims to work collaboratively to educate and influence behaviours in its business and across the wider community to make a positive impact on the marine environment and planet.

Managing director of boatfolk, Michael Prideaux, said: “At boatfolk we are a united community of people who are genuinely passionate about our environment and want to enjoy it for generations to come. We take our environmental responsibilities seriously, and we know that reducing the impact on the environment is important to boatfolk customers and colleagues.

“If the coastline did not exist, we would not exist. We think boaters should be able to enjoy their hobby in harmony with the world around them, not at the expense of it. We know our industry has an impact on the environment and that not enough is being done to raise awareness and change behaviours. Our goal is not to stop people boating. In fact, it is the opposite. By making changes now we want to ensure that the coastline and oceans remain a place that can be enjoyed for generations to come. It is time for the boating community to step up, take responsibility and start making positive changes.

“For us it is not about just talking about the problem, it is about doing things that make a difference. We are practical people, and we love to support actionable projects, where we can make a difference at a local level and get as many people involved in making a positive change as we can.”

From harmful plastic pollution to untreated sewage, carbon emissions and wildlife conservation, boatfolk seeks to address significant concerns about the marine environment. Current initiatives include:

Ocean plastics

In the UK 5,000 items of marine plastic are found per mile of beach and plastic in the ocean is projected to treble between 2015 and 2025. boatfolk organises regular beach cleans across 11 marinas, implemented Seabins and reduced single use plastics to prevent harmful ocean plastics from destroying the coast.

POO (pump out objective)

Untreated sewage (like that released by boats) has 250,000 times more bacteria and contributes to low oxygen dead zones where marine life can’t survive. boatfolk prevents untreated sewage from ending up in the sea by making it easier for its customers to pump out.

Carbon emissions

boatfolk has switched to renewable energy across its sites to reduce climate change and the resulting rise of sea levels.

Wildlife conservation

Each boatfolk site has an environmental mascot which its actively works to protect and educate the community about. Examples include its oyster rewilding project at Conwy Marina and Seahorse bio huts at Haslar Marina.

For further information about boatfolk and its sustainability initiatives, visit:

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