Axopar x Agapi Boat Club global launch spring 2024

Axopar x Agapi Boat Club has announced the unveiling of their first joint membership Clubs, opening in 2024.

In addition to its standard membership program Axopar x Agapi has launched a new Global PayGo Membership, exclusively for Axopar owners.

Axopar x Agapi Boat Club offers a membership concept for boating worldwide, with new openings in Spain, France, Italy, Netherlands, Channel Islands, Chile and Mexico in 2024, complementing existing Agapi Boat Clubs in the Nordics, UK and the Mediterranean. For spring 2024, this results in an extensive network spanning 25 harbours across 10+ countries.

Axopar x Agapi Boat Club Opening in Spring 2024:
Spain, Menorca

Spain, Empuriabrava
France, Corsica
France, Bay of Saint-Tropez
Italy, La Spezia
The Netherlands, Amsterdam
Channel Islands, Jersey
Chile, Patagonia
Mexico, Cancún

Peder Asplund, Founding Partner and CEO of Agapi Boat Club, said: “The onboarding of all these new partners has already begun and apart from adding a lot of exciting locations, to the great benefit of our growing member base, we are also adding the knowledge and experience from these new partners with a strong local presence that share our mission on how to bring boating to a new dimension.”

The clubs handle everything for their members, by keeping the boats ready to go and providing concierge services upon request. The flexible booking routines, the access to a variety of premium boats in different sizes, and the access to a global network of attractive destinations are some examples of the premium full-service concept. Depending upon the boat category chosen, customers enjoy access to models ranging from 22 to 45 feet.

Simply select the membership that aligns with your boating experience, needs, preferences of boats and lifestyle. AxA offers a personalised experience guiding customers through the entire process and as their experience grows, members will have the possibility to upgrade to bigger boat categories at any time if so desired.M

Membership plans range from 3,500-45,000 EUR per year, depending on boat category and usage.

In January Axopar x Agapi Boat Club is launching the first ever Global PayGo Membership to all of Axopar’s new and existing boat owners globally. The Global PayGo is based on a pay-as-you-go model and sales of this membership will be conducted by Axopar Dealers worldwide. The annual fee of a Global PayGo is 3.500€ (w/o VAT), including e-learning and online onboarding and 20,000 Cash-points to be used in any of the Agapi Boat Club locations. 20,000 Cash-points are equivalent to 3 day trips with an Axopar 22, or 1 trip with an Axopar 37. The actual cost in cashpoints depends on boat model, season, and region. Once the Cash-points are consumed, more points and services can easily be purchased directly in the Agapi app when booking a new trip.

Before boating for the first-time, members will undergo a comprehensive e-learning and receive on-line and on-site onboarding by an Agapi certified instructor. The e-learnings and on-site onboardings will be packed full of useful knowledge, something even seasoned captains will appreciate.

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