Amphibious Crab Superyacht

Pagurus is a solar-powered 82ft amphibious catamaran, initially conceived as a military vehicle. The name Pagurus derives from Latin (meaning crab); the body is inspired by the shape of a giant crab.

The yacht divides the living spaces in two side hulls, connected by a steel bridge from which the crew can command the craft. The twin steel hulls can be configured on each side with two to three bedrooms, kitchen and toilet. It also has space to carry an off-road vehicle.

The hulls have solar panels, although the boat’s main engine is diesel-powered. In the immersed part of the yacht, the hulls are designed with a recess space that holds two steel cylinders, each one with a helical spiral flange like the thread of a screw. With the water friction the screw cylinders generate energy to recharge the cat’s batteries while sailing.

When Pagurus reaches land it increases its draft by lowering the rotating cylinders by about 60cm, transforming the catamaran into an amphibious vehicle able to move on  sand or mud terrains up to 30kmh. While it is only a concept, Lazzarini Design say anyone with enough money can have it built.

Starting price (carbon version – jet drive 32 knots –  no screws): £5,930,239
Crabmaran version (amphibious reinforced steel version): £21,630,052

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