Walcon Marine completes phase one

Walcon Marine has completed the first phase of a two phase project to replace the berthing facilities at Windermere Marina Village in the north of England’s iconic Lake District.

The marina is undergoing a complete transformation with a new layout that will accommodate 335 boats up to 15 metres in length and convert it from fixed timber jetties to floating pontoons. The latter change is in response to the increasing incidence of the lake flooding in recent years.

Designed and project managed by Marina Projects, when complete the new marina will take full advantage of the area available with back walkways following the contours of the shoreline, neatly encircling five piers within.

The work is being done over the course of two off-seasons. The 2021-22 phase began with Walcon removing much of the old infrastructure including around 700 piles, using the Walcon mobile piling rig. This allowed local contractor Jetties & Moorings to implement the dredging programme.

Around one-third of the new Walcon System 2000 pontoons – comprised of some of the back walkway plus three piers, of which two remain to be completed – plus their piles, were installed this spring, along with the wall columns. Other features include bespoke bowstring bridges for berth holder access to and from the shore.

Windermere Marina Village is also taking the opportunity to renew all the services. These will include fibre internet connections at each of the serviced berths, with Atlantis and SOS pedestals provided by Maricer and installed by local company UES.  Along with new deck-level LED lighting, these upgrades have will ensure that the marina will be using the latest technology available to maximise safety and enjoyment.

Dan Fairweather, Marina Manager at Windermere Marina Village, said: “It has been great to work with Walcon. The project was a number of years in the making and they were very patient and have worked well with our staff and local contractors. There was also a lot of boat moving as the old jetties were removed and with Marina Projects they planned and handled that very efficiently. We are very happy with the results so far and look forward to having it completed.”

Walcon will recommence works this October with completion scheduled for March 2023.

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