Turkish delight

Çeşme Marina in Turkey has received a Zero Waste certificate for its environmental projects and zero waste practices

Zero Waste is an eco-friendly program set out by the Provincial Directorate of Environment and urbanisation, encouraging local businesses to implement their own environmental projects.

The marina works directly with the local community and universities to develop new ideas for marine life and ecology within the marina, such as the planting of mussel beds, coral and releasing sea cucumbers.

These projects are monitored throughout the year and the data collected is used to monitor more educational projects.

As many as 85 olive trees are cared for within the marina using recycled water from the Cesme Marina estate to water the trees.

The marina ensures only environmentally friendly cleaning products are used as cleaning products.

The marina reduces food waste by transporting and offering surplus food from the businesses onsite to local shelters and to help the local community.



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