MDL Marinas supports Turner Twins’ Blue Pole Project

MDL Marinas is supporting the Turner Twins’ Blue Pole Project, which combines an Atlantic plastic survey while attempting to reach the Atlantic Pole of Inaccessibility with a circumnavigation of the UK to promote ocean advocacy and hydrogen fuel technology.

Sailing from the UK via the Canary Islands and the Azores archipelago, adventurers Hugo and Ross Turner are aiming to reach the Atlantic POI, the point in the Atlantic Ocean which is the furthest away from land in any direction.

While completing this epic challenge, the twins will collect data for Plymouth University’s International Marine Litter Research Unit’s study, which aims to identify microplastics in the ocean, with the results being used to help build a clean-up strategy for ocean plastics.

To embark on their mission in June, the duo from Dartmoor have sourced a pre-loved Class 40 yacht from a US based sailing charity. The 12m yacht will be refitted with a variety of sustainable technology, including Finsulate® antifouling and a Bellmarine electric sail drive, demonstrating the capability of the technologies as well as ensuring minimal environmental impact of the voyage.

Saxon Wharf marina

As part of its commitment to the environment, MDL will be supporting the Turner Twins ecological endeavours by providing berthing at its Saxon Wharf marina for the duration of the yacht’s refit this spring.

“We  are delighted to be able to support the Turner Twins’ Blue Pole Project,” said Tim Mayer, MDL’s sales and marketing director. “As a marina group, we are committed to protecting the marine ecosystem and developing environmental awareness. 

“Our goals align clearly with those of this ambitious project which will not only highlight the green technologies available to boaters, something we are also doing with our Green Tech Boat Show, but will also gather data which can be used to find a longer term solution to one of the oceans’ greatest threats, plastic pollution.

“Our Saxon Wharf marina is an ideal choice for the refit, with many marine trades on-site. Located close to the centre of Southampton, and the access to shops and restaurants this provides, the marina is also easily accessible by road or train from London where Hugo and Ross currently live.”

Following the expedition to the Atlantic POI, the yacht will set off on a tour of the UK, stopping at 13 UK port cities. Acting as a base for Hugo and Ross on the UK tour, the yacht will have its batteries recharged by a mobile hydrogen fuel cell generator, powered by TCP hydrogen fuel cells, which will also support the pop-up cinema, bar and marketing hub at the shoreside events to be held during each stopover.

MDL’s Queen Anne’s Battery marina in Plymouth is one of the ports of call on the tour which will focus on education and community engagement in environmental issues and solutions. MDL Fitness, a green gym harnessing the kinetic energy generated by gym users to help power the facility, is also located at Queen Anne’s Battery and will be visited by the twins during their visit.

“We are very grateful to MDL for providing a berth for us in the lead-up to our journey to the Atlantic POI and our subsequent tour of the UK,” said Hugo Turner. “Access to such a well-located yard means we will have everything we need close at hand to successfully complete the refit of the yacht in time for our departure in June.

“MDL’s support shows a great understanding of our core values, values which it shows it shares through the many eco initiatives in place at its marinas. When what you are trying to do has sustainability at its heart, it is very rewarding to work with such a like-minded partner.”

Home to multiple marine businesses, including Oyster Yachts and Ocean Safety, Saxon Wharf is a marine service centre offering outstanding facilities for superyachts and other large craft, up to 80m. Situated on Southampton’s River Itchen with a 200-ton boat hoist and ample storage ashore, it’s the ideal location for boats, like the Turner twins’ yacht, in need of secure, quick turnaround lift-outs, repair work or full-scale refit.

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