Hot Topic: The Benefits of Dry Stacking

With dry stack berthing at three of its 18 marinas totalling more than 500 spaces, we spoke to MDL Marinas to find out the key benefits of keeping a boat in a dry stack.

Described as the valet parking solution for motorboat owners, dry stack berthing is an alternative to a traditional marina berth or trailering a small powerboat or RIB to the coast. But why would someone choose a dry stack berth, rather than having their boat ready to go in the water?

Quick and easy launching: At an MDL dry stack, there is unlimited launching seven days a week (7.30am – 6.30pm) so it is available whenever you need it, and safely stacked away when you do not. With online booking and access to all the marina’s facilities as well as MDL’s Otium loyalty programme, it offers more convenience to boat owners as it eliminates the need to trailer a boat to and from water access points, which in some areas are limited and/or restricted.

Safe and secure: Dry stack berthing offers increased security for a vessel. Firstly, it is up high and quite clearly out of the reach of anyone, and secondly to access or move a boat specialist marina equipment is required – making it more physically secure than boats stored on road trailers or on the water.

Reduced saltwater deterioration: Keeping a boat dry helps to prevent the corrosion of any metal parts and osmosis (water absorption) in a fibreglass hull. This preservation of the boat’s integrity can boost its longevity and enhance its residual value, as well as lowering maintenance costs over time.

Protection from marine growth: Hulls of boats stored in the water for extended periods are susceptible to marine growth, such as algae, barnacles and mussels – even with a good antifoul. By lifting and washing off before storing the boat out the water, the hull remains clean and dry between uses, reducing the need for antifouling and minimising maintenance.

Improved fuel economy: As it remains free from marine life, the boat retains its smooth and efficient hydrodynamic hull, offering greater fuel economy over time. Coupling this with the lower maintenance costs can make dry stack berthing a financially more attractive alternative to on water storage.

Environmental benefits: If a boat is not in the water, it reduces the potential for fuel and oil spills polluting the marine environment, therefore dry stack can be more eco-friendly when compared to a traditional mooring. And, as we have said, it also reduces or eliminates the use of antifouling paints, which can contain harmful chemicals that can leach into the sea.

If you are the owner of a motorboat or RIB up to 13m who wants to make the most of your time boating while maximising the life and value of your craft, then dry stack could be the perfect solution for you. Dry stack for motorboats up to 10m is available at MDL’s Hamble Point and Cobb’s Quay (Poole) marinas, while Saxon Wharf (Southampton) can accommodate boats up to 13m.

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