Uffa Fox 50 Celebration 2022 – now with significant ferry savings and free entry

UF50 is a celebration of Uffa’s life to mark the 50th anniversary of his death. The focal point of the event will be Cowes Parade which will not only be the area for a static display and parking of Uffa designed boats but also the starting point of the Uffa Fox trail around Cowes and East Cowes where examples of Uffa’s history and heritage can be seen. 

Organisers of the UF50 Celebration sailing regatta have announced that those attending the event will now be able to enter free of charge, as well as benefit from a 50 per cent discount off their car ferry. Four races are scheduled and it is the intention of the race committee to run two races on Friday and two races on Saturday. The offers are open until 1700 on 15 July.

“We are delighted to announce that Red Funnel have provided us with 50% discount vouchers on their Car Ferry from 17 to 22 August 2022 for those entering. In addition, we have received a most kind and significant donation for the event from Patsy and David Franks which enables us to let you enter free of charge (entry fees to date will be reimbursed) and also allows us to let entrants for the UF50 sailing regatta have a further subsidy on the Red Funnel car ferry of £100,” says Peter J Taylor, MBE and Chairman of the Organising Committee.

A festival celebrating the legacy of Uffa Fox 50 years onwards, organisers are encouraging Uffa Fox dinghy owners to bring their boats along to the Parade, as well as urging anyone who has interesting images of Uffa, his boats or old Uffa sails to share them for sustainability and educational purposes.

“We fully understand if you do not wish to race your classic Uffa Fox designed dinghy, but please do bring her along to the static display on the Parade, which will be the focal point of the event with a fenced-off area and 24-hour security guards, and enjoy the social interaction with other Uffa enthusiasts. Without your support and of all those entering, we would not be able to celebrate the legacy of this amazing man who was a legend in the world of sailing,” said Peter.

On the accommodation side there are still cost-effective options available at the Royal London Yacht Club, the Island Sailing Club and the UKSA. Contact directly for booking information.


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