Heritage Open Days has chosen Astounding Innovations as their theme for 2022. Local organisations with people wanting to share their knowledge of old buildings, inaccessible features and fascinating history are invited to develop events celebrating Gosport’s inventions, industry and innovation.  Events could transport visitors back to the past to look at innovations in yacht/aircraft/coach/boat design, or educate them about diving helmets, hovercraft or aviation communications.
Stories could turn into a trail in and around a site highlighting turning points of discovery and innovation, new areas could be opened up and new artefacts displayed. A walking or cycling tour to tap into the history of local inventors, industry and innovators could be developed. Whatever the idea, whether it is related to the innovation theme or not, the Gosport Heritage Open Days team wants to hear from anyone interested to help them turn their ideas into events.
Visitors will still enjoy forts, churches, Naval buildings, graveyards and ancient woodlands during Heritage Open Days, but the team wants to help people create new talks, guided walks, cycle rides, entertainment, exhibitions and digital experiences. Entry to all events will be free so everyone can help to educate a new generation about Gosport’s innovation and achievements, while creating digital resources for the future.
Terry Rhodes, Chair of Gosport Heritage Open Days says:This year we’d love to help passionate people tell local stories to bang the gong for Gosport to inspire the next generation. These could be about Henry Cort and pig iron, boat designing and building, submarines, food developments and of course the Gosport Tube. Last year over 220 volunteers helped promote, organise and assist in making events happen and we would love more people to get involved. To get started people should visit: http://www.gosportheritage.co.uk/get-involved/open-doors/ or pop into Gosport Tourist Information Centre for a chat.”
Last year Gosport, a historic town with 16 conservation areas, 13 scheduled monuments and over 500 listed buildings, staged 69 unique events reflecting the towns cultural and military heritage which were visited by 16,500 people. This year we are calling organisations and individuals to bring us all their ideas so our experienced team can support them.”

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