VIDEO: Take sportfishing to extreme depths with the new GSD 28 from Garmin

Garmin has announced the GSDÔ 28, a high-powered sonar module engineered for serious sportfishing.

Featuring Garmin RapidReturnsonar, the GSD 28 provides more sonar data on the multi-function display with up to six times the transmit rate of its predecessor so anglers can see more detail than ever before. And thanks to Garmin’s new xCHIRP sonar technology, the GSD 28 provides higher resolution with excellent target separation and bottom discrimination to help anglers easily distinguish bottom features from bait or sport fish.


“Garmin’s digital sonar modules have been trusted for off-shore, high-powered sonar by anglers for nearly two decades, and the GSD 28 adds new and innovative features to set the standard once again for saltwater sportfishing. Our RapidReturn and xCHIRP technologies combine to provide deep-sea anglers crisper, clearer and more sonar returns in deeper waters, which can be the difference between finding and missing your targets,” Dan Bartel, Garmin Vice President of Global Consumer Sales

Garmin’s RapidReturn sonar sends multiple sonar signals through the water column simultaneously, which results in much more sonar information to quickly see on the multi-function display. This allows anglers to view fresher, more relevant sonar returns and see more detail of what’s below the boat. The xCHIRP sonar technology provides crisp, clear fish arches with excellent target separation.

The GSD 28 supports dual-channel (1-3 kW) CHIRP covering a broad frequency range between 25-250 kHz, which helps create a more detailed picture of what’s below, including fish on the ocean bottom and objects in the water column.

Optimised for sportfishing, the GSD 28 is designed to withstand harsh marine environments, including high winds, rain and sunlight, and is water-resistant with an IPX7 rating. When the waters get rough, the RapidReturn sonar can be paired to the optional MSC10 external satellite compass (sold separately) to ensure that wave and swell sea conditions don’t interfere with the sonar returns through heave compensation.

The versatile GSD 28 is compatible with a wide range of Garmin and AIRMAR® transducers that can be manually or automatically configured, giving the user extraordinary flexibility when configuring their sonar screen. It’s compatible with the new GPSMAPâ 9000 series, along with the GPSMAP 8600/8600xsv, GPSMAP 7×3/9×3/12×3 and GPSMAP 10×2/12×2 series chartplotters.

Available now, the GSD 28 has a suggested retail price of £3,099.99. Learn more about Garmin’s full line of marine electronics by visiting

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