The Armada Fleet

Sonardyne technology will be supporting the world’s largest and most environmentally sustainable fleet of ocean-going, multi-role robotic vessels, which is being launched by marine robotics company Ocean Infinity.

Sonardyne systems will provide the first wave of Ocean Infinity’s new Armada fleet with key sensor technologies for underwater platform navigation, tracking, control and communications, as well as ensuring uninterrupted surface navigation, even when GNSS services are degraded or denied.

The Armada fleet will mark a major technological advance, providing sustainable services to all corners of industry from offshore energy, to logistics and transport. The innovative, low-emission robotic fleet, that can be launched from any shoreline, was unveiled in February and will initially see 17 state-of-the-art uncrewed vessels added to Ocean Infinity’s existing robotics fleet.

The vessels will be able to perform offshore data acquisition and intervention in both shallow and deep water operating regions.
Initially, all of the first tranche of Ocean Infinity’s Armada vessels will be fitted with Sonardyne’s Ranger 2 Ultra-Short BaseLine system augmented by the company’s Marine Robotics Pack. This combination provides remote all-in-one tracking, communications and control capability for underwater deployed robotics so that even more operations can be done from shore.

These robotic vessels will also be fitted with Sonardyne’s SPRINT-Nav hybrid navigation instrument, to provide continuous, uninterrupted navigational aiding, even if GNSS service is impaired due to their remote location or nearby infrastructure.

Ocean Infinity expects the first Armada vessel to be delivered this year and, along with the remainder of the fleet, will be controlled and operated via satellite communication from onshore control facilities in Austin, Texas and Southampton.

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