Sunsail and The Moorings, announce partnership with Blue Marine Foundation

As part of their commitment to climate and nature action, international yacht sales and charter companies, Sunsail and The Moorings have joined other companies across the Travelopia Group to partner with Blue Marine Foundation

Together with their fellow travel companies, Sunsail and The Moorings intend to donate at least £1 million over the next three years. Funds will support seven global projects aiming to conserve and restore 7,000 hectares of critical marine ecosystems. Protecting coastlines and valuable marine life habitats are vital in restoring ocean health and tackling climate change.

Laura Bowtell, Global Sales Operations and Sustainability Manager for Sunsail and The Moorings, comments: “This partnership furthers our commitment to a sustainable future. Enabling our customers to experience authentic yachting holidays in the most responsible way. Funds raised for the Blue Marine Foundation will contribute towards them continuing with their vital work. The ocean is our biggest ally in limiting climate change as things like sea grass meadows and mangroves can absorb thousands of tons of carbon emissions and produce oxygen, making them a fantastic environment for sea life to thrive.” 

Why is the partnership so important?

Marine ecosystems across the globe absorb nearly half the world’s carbon dioxide and play a pivotal role in regulating our planet’s climate. However, this complex web of life is under threat due to overfishing, pollution and climate change. By engaging local communities in marine conservation, it’s possible to safeguard and restore these fragile ecosystems, which are so vital in keeping our planet healthy.

Dan Crockett, Oceans & Climate Director for Blue Marine Foundation, comments: “It is fantastic that Sunsail and The Moorings have recognised the value of the ocean as a solution to climate change. Commitment to protect and restore these vulnerable but incredibly valuable blue carbon ecosystems is very welcome in a time of climate and biodiversity crisis. Blue Marine Foundation looks forward to a powerful, impactful partnership.”

What can Sunsail & The Moorings customers do to help?

From 1 November 2023, customers can add an optional donation of £2/ $2 /€2 (or local equivalent) per person to their next yacht charter. Donations will go directly to Blue Marine Foundation and will be used to support seven projects that span the globe:

  • A blue carbon approach to saving Greek seas
  • Restoring blue carbon habitats and protecting unique marine ecosystems in the Caribbean
  • Community-led restoration of Indonesia’s extraordinary blue forests
  • Restoring abandoned aquaculture ponds to productive mangrove forests in Philippines
  • Safeguarding the future of ancient seagrass meadows in Formentera
  • Restoring Mida-Creek’s mangrove forests in Kenya
  • Restoring mangroves and seagrass for climate mitigation and resilience in the Maldives

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