Ocean Globe Leader Translated 9 Returns To Falklands With Hull Damage

At 22:15 UTC on 8 February, the owner of Italian yacht Marco Trombetti, Translated 9 ITL (09) currently IRC race leader in the MCINTYRE OCEAN GLOBE RACE contacted Race Control to inform them of damage to the hull of the Swan 65. Two cracks had developed in the stern sections of the former Whitbread yacht then known as ADC Accutrac.

One crack appeared close to the rudder keg and the yacht is taking on water – but the situation is manageable for now. THE INTENTION THEN WAS TO CONTINUE TO YACHT CLUB PUNTA DEL ESTE URUGUAY.

OGR authorised open satellite calls to Translated 9 engineers in Italy overnight to discuss the situation and how best to proceed. In the hours proceeding initial contact, the decision was made to declare a Code Orange and relevant Maritime Rescue Coordination Centers were advised and are monitoring the situation. The captain requested NO ASSISTANCE. Two videos of the damage were forwarded to OGR  and passed to the shore team engineers for inspection.

Following careful assessment of the damage the captain has decided to seek shelter in the Falkland island, 150 miles south, but no DECISION YET IF OUTSIDE ASSISTANCE for onboard repairs will be required. No decision on the intended anchorage/port has been made. If outside assistance is required TRANSLATED 9 will be removed from the OGR rankings for leg three of the race.

Translated 9 is currently racing the Ocean Globe Race, an eight-month retro round-the-world yacht race. The yacht, alongside 12 other yachts, departed Auckland on January 14th bound for Punta del Este where she was due to arrive by February 13/14th.

They are now sailing at 8.7 knots is 10-12 knots NW winds with favorable winds forecast for the voyage to the Falklands. ETA LATE 10TH FEB. Further updates will be posted soon.

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