Ocean Cruising Club Charitable Trust Supports Antiguan WISH Foundation

The Ocean Cruising Club Charitable Trust, committed to fulfilling its global mission of supporting sailing, education and community-building, has announced its latest award to the Antiguan-based West Indies Sail Heritage Foundation (WISH).  The $1700EC award will support practical sailing experiences for teens and young adults in their workshops and aboard their traditionally built Carriacou sloop, New Moon.

The WISH Foundation offers training in navigation, anchoring, racing and line splicing whilst learning to sail.  The foundation helps youngsters develop problem solving skills and confidence that can pave a way to a fulfilling career in or out of the maritime world. WISH also runs the “Ocean Love Program,” which strives to increase awareness of plastic pollution in the ocean and find solutions for plastic waste.  Youngsters see the effect of pollution on ocean ecosystems and how it directly impacts their lives. They learn how to upcycle plastic waste to make new products and how to take that information back to their local communities.

The Ocean Cruising Club Charitable Trust is a non-profit organisation, based in the UK.  Its goals are to:

  • Advance the education of the public in the knowledge and practice of seamanship, pilotage and navigation to improve safety at sea,
  • Promote community participation, through financially supporting healthy recreation opportunities and provide sailing and instruction, especially among communities with less developed facilities and fewer opportunities.
  • To promote the conservation, protection, and ecologically sustainable management of marine environments.

For more information on the Ocean Cruising Club Charitable Trust visit:  www.occtrust.org.
For more information on the WISH Foundation visit:  https://www.caribwish.com/

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