Newly launched Edorado 8S

Dutch zero-emission powerboat company Edorado has announced the launch of the Edorado 8S, a revolutionary electric model.

While traditional powerboats heavily pollute the air and water around them, the 8S offers design, power and speed to thrill-seekers, but with none of the oil, emissions, wake or noise. With its unique combination of retractable hydrofoils and electric drive-train, the 8S quite literally takes off, quickly accelerating to speeds that lift the hull clean off the water.

Godert Van Hardenbroek, co-founder and product architect, said: “Once you reach take-off speed, you can really feel the acceleration as the resistance disappears and you feel a strong sensation of release, of being propelled forward. And then, unlike traditional powerboats – constantly smashing into waves – the Edorado flies right over the surface, like a sports aircraft. It glides silently over the water: a new and totally unique feeling, like combining the speed of a powerboat with the tranquillity of sailing.”

The boat’s hydrofoil system is equipped with a proprietary Automatic Control System, whose smart computer makes constant adjustments to its two foils for safety and stability. Meanwhile the two propellers of the ‘twin drive’ system provide great control and let users turn in place.

Giel Groothuis, co-founder and CEO: “What is considered innovation in the boating industry just does not cut it any more in the current reality of the climate crisis. What is needed is a rapid transition to zero emissions, also for the leisure industry. After owning petrol-fuelled boats I realised that a complete overhaul of this product category is long overdue. The traditional boating industry is just waiting to be disrupted by a clean tech approach. Our goal with the Edorado 8S is to chart a course for clean powerboating.”

The ‘Launch Edition’ of the Edorado 8S is exclusively available for select buyers, while pre-orders of the standard Edorado 8S model can be made globally. The Edorado 8S is priced at €350,000.
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