Major extension of Tingdene’s Broadlands Marina

At the end of 2020, Walcon Marine supplied a package of pontoons that has played a big part in the in the transformation of Tingdene’s Broadlands Marina, situated on Oulton Broad just outside Lowestoft and a part of the world famous Broads National Park. The package was comprised of all the pontoons and their fittings required to create an 88-metre back walkway and three piers with finger pontoons capable of providing an additional 54 berths for leisure craft up to twelve meters in length.

Previously known as Oulton Broad marina, the facility was acquired by the Tingdene Group in 2015 and permission subsequently obtained to expand and improve the facilities. The pontoon order was placed with long-term partner Walcon Marine with the installation and associated works being undertaken by Irvins.

The site of the marina presented a challenge for Walcon in that it is inaccessible to heavy vehicles. The solution was for Walcon to transport the pontoons by lorry to Tingdene’s 300-berth Brundall Bay Marina, around 20 miles to the north-west on the Norfolk Broads, which has easy access, cranes and plenty of berthing space. Once delivered there, they were launched into the water and then, over the course of five weeks, moved downriver using motor launches to push and pull them. The initial stage, going down the River Yare, involved some testing navigation given its many twists and turns, and an escort was provided by local rangers to ensure that their path was unobstructed and other river users were not inconvenienced.

“It all went well, despite the complexity,” says Steve Arber, Operations Director at Tingdene Marinas Ltd. “Walcon delivered everything on time and their service was exemplary as always. The works were completed well ahead the start of what has so far been a very busy and successful season. With an additional 54 berths on brand new, fully-serviced, floating pontoons we are able to welcome even more leisure boat owners to join our friendly community.”

Piers A and B are each 43m in length with eight finger pontoons and a hammerhead, creating berths for 40 boats up to 10 metres in length. Pier C features a 38.5 metre walkway with eight finger pontoons providing 14 berths of which eight are for boats of up to 10 metres and six for boats up to 12 metres. Walcon also supplied a 6.25 metre by 1.5 metre aluminium bridge with a landing pontoon. The entire structure is held in place by 17 piles.

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