Fairline unveils Squadron 58 at Southampton International Boat Show

British luxury motor yacht manufacturer Fairline unveiled the all-new Squadron 58 at Southampton International Boat Show.

At the 54th edition of the show based at Mayflower Park in Southampton, alongside the Squadron 58 and Squadron 68, Fairline is showcasing its F//LINE 33, Targa 45 OPEN, and Targa 45 GT located on the pontoon at stand M224 for the next ten days.

Introducing the world debut of the Squadron 58, Sales Director, James Powell said: “In a British manufacturing first for yachts under 80ft, the 58 offers power-down beach club balconies on both sides. This creates an outdoor living space equal to an 80ft yacht which gives owners the feeling of something far larger but with the ownership and running costs of a yacht under 60ft. This configuration lends itself to how our customers use their boat at anchor with the market really being driven by outdoor space as much as accommodation, and the Squadron 58 exemplifies that.

“The Squadron 58 demonstrates the latest in Fairline’s cutting-edge design, offering flexible and modular seating in the large cockpit complemented with a glass transom to enhance the connection to the water with unhindered views with the main deck boasting an almost 360-degree view of the surroundings.

“We’ve got a small-scale model of the Targa 40 here which will make its world debut at Boot Dusseldorf in January, and can announce 46 combined pre-orders of the Squadron 58 and Targa 40 ahead of its launch. Factory availability for the majority of Fairline models is now early 2025 and the display model of the Squadron 58 at Southampton International Boat Show was sold earlier this week.”

Fairline’s UK and European network of dealers will be represented on the Fairline stand throughout the Southampton International Boat Show, together with key personnel from Fairline’s team to provide visitors with everything they need to know about Fairline and its range going into the 2024 season.

For more information about Fairline, please visit fairline.com.

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