Barton Marine Launches New Products at The Southampton Boat Show

Barton Marine are launching several new products at The Southampton Boat Show 2021.  

The new products are presented alongside a substantial selection of the existing range on UK distributor Barrus’s stand (J316). Barton technical experts will also be on hand to provide advice and help you pick the right deck equipment solutions for your needs.
Three new Vang and Mainsheet kits will be shown to the public in the UK and Europe for the first time at the show.  Available in sizes 2, 3 & 5 these fully rigged sets include everything required for quick and easy installation.  The size 2 kit (02900) is suitable for boats up to 22ft and is fitted with shackle fittings and a spliced soft eye for maximum strength.  Sizes 3 (03900) & 5 (05900) include robust snap shackles top and bottom with a generous length of line spliced on with a soft eye.  Suitable for yachts up to 25ft & 35ft respectively, their free running and sturdy construction provides reliable control of mainsails or booms.  With an RRP from £116 to £336 inc VAT its time to upgrade to one at the show.
Sometimes you need a cleat where there isn’t a factory fitted one!  Enter Barton’s robust new 32mm Stainless Steel Sliding Cleat.  It replaces the previous generation cast aluminium version providing a stronger, sleeker design for this popular car.  Acting as a mid-ship spring cleat for yachts with limited access under the side deck or when you just need a temporary solution, simply remove a genoa track end stop, slide on the cleat and lock it in the desired position.  Available to purchase now with an RRP of £140.66.    
Mounted onto the push pit rail, the Stanchion Lead Block with Cleat enables cleating of the Genoa furler control line with one easy action, doing away with the need to cleat off on the deck or cockpit coaming.  It fits 25mm diameter tubing.  An adjustable, stainless steel securing ring enables fitting at the correct angle with additional adjustment of the cam cleat angle possible if required. The unit will fully rotate about the swivel head to match your pulling angle. Available in plain bearing (RRP £72.65) or ball bearing (RRP £76.54), the stanchion block with cleat assembly offers smooth running and a long service life. 

The Southampton Boat Show runs from the 10th to 19th September and the Barton team look forward to welcoming you there.  If you need deck equipment advice in the meantime visit or call 01227 792979.  

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