Adriatic42 is officially operational

Adriatic42, a mega yacht yard in Bijela, Montenegro, is officially operational. The former Bijela shipyard, nearly 100 years old, was the largest ship repair yard in the Southern Adriatic. The new joint venture will extend this maritime heritage.

The world’s largest sailing yacht, Black Pearl, became the first boat to dock in Adriatic42‘s superyacht yard earlier this month for its ongoing refit.

President of Montenegro, Milo Dukanovic, said: “Starting from today, with the service provided by Adriatic42, Montenegro presents itself to the world as a well-rounded facility for nautical tourism that, in addition to moorings, offers to yacht owners and their crews quality repairs, relieving them of the need to temporarily move from Montenegrin marinas every year.

We are proud, that this is the first marine facility of its type and scale in Montenegro. And that contributes to the perception of Montenegro as a new tourist destination in the Mediterranean and in Europe.

The development of the project will create hundreds of jobs. In addition to those in the shipyard itself, opportunities will be created for numerous small companies that provide special services, which represents a great opportunity not only for the present, but also for future generations.“

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