Hot Topic: Navigating marine refrigeration

A guide to efficiency and innovation with Penguin Refrigeration’s Chris Feibusch.

As the marine industry continues to evolve, so does the technology that supports it. From navigation systems to onboard amenities, today’s boat owners have access to an array of innovations designed to enhance experiences at sea. Among these developments, marine refrigeration stands out as a critical component, ensuring the preservation of food, beverages and medications, whilst providing ultimate comfort during extended voyages.

This year, renowned refrigeration brands such as Vitrifrigo are leading the industry, launching significant design advancements with a notable shift towards nano compressors. Traditionally, marine refrigeration systems relied on three-way technology, offering a combination of AC, DC and gas-powered options. While effective, these systems often pose challenges in terms of efficiency, reliability and performance, particularly in harsh marine environments.

Enter the BD Nano – compact, efficient and reliable refrigeration compressors that have revolutionised the industry. These cutting-edge compressors offer superior performance, despite consuming less power and delivering consistent highly efficient mobile cooling – the ideal solution for outstanding off-grid performance. By harnessing the power of the renowned BD Nano, produced by Secop, these compressors provide the sector with a sustainable and cost-effective solution for onboard refrigeration.

Designing the perfect refrigeration system for a vessel can be a minefield, but with the following expert tips, boaters can make informed decisions tailored to their unique desires.

  • Assess your needs: Consider the size of your vessel, the duration of your trips and the types of items you need to refrigerate. This will help determine the appropriate capacity and cooling requirements.
  • Prioritise efficiency, reliability and performance: Look for systems with high energy efficiency to minimise power consumption and extend battery life, especially on long journeys.
  • Embrace innovation: Explore options such as nano compressors, which offer superior performance and reliability compared to traditional technologies.
  • Consider sustainability: Opt for eco-friendly refrigerants and systems that minimise their environmental impact without compromising on functionality.


The SLIM90i is a customer favourite

When choosing marine refrigeration, trusted British brands like Penguin Refrigeration offer a range of solutions that prioritise efficiency, reliability, performance and sustainability. Working with premium Italian marine refrigeration brand Vitrifrigo, Penguin Refrigeration supplies the latest refrigeration innovations with BD Nano, designed to meet the demands of modern boating.

Vitrifrigo’s NextGen compressor is the world’s most efficient, purpose-made mobile compressor, leading the way for the industry with 44 per cent improved efficiency in comparison to other compressors in the market. Thanks to its compact design, the new compressor is 40 per cent smaller than competing compressors, providing considerable space savings, along with a 67 per cent lighter construction, weighing only 1.4kg. Tailor-made for mobile cooling, Vitrifrigo’s industry-first solution significantly extends operation time and gives customers the option to select a sustainable power source, via battery or solar integration.

Comprising the new NextGen compressor, Penguin Refrigeration’s compact C51 CHROMELOCK fridge is the first to integrate the innovative technology.

For larger vessels, the latest model in Vitrifrigo’s SLIM series, the SLIM90i, is a customer favourite which comes with a unique set of features to cater to the ever-growing demands of the marine industry, with the ability to customise the position of the compressor below the refrigeration unit for further space savings.

Whether a short weekend break or a long voyage, choosing a high quality, performance and efficient refrigeration system is essential for a blissful onboard experience at sea.

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