Launch of fully automatic boat fender system at the Southampton Boat Show

Go Earth Ltd has announced the launch of the fully automatic boat fender system at the Southampton Boat Show.
Docking and undocking a boat is always a busy time for any crew, especially if short-handed. Until now deploying the fenders and bringing them back and then stowing them away were additional time-consuming chores. The Go Earth Automatic Fender system automatically lowers the fenders to the correct height as you approach your berth; then, when you leave, they automatically raise themselves and stow themselves away into their fender baskets.
This system is fully self-contained – no wiring is required, as the system is driven by solar cells.
They do not require any alterations to the boat, as they are simply attached to the existing railings. Fitting time is about 20 minutes per fender. The system is very easily fitted to most types of boats, and does not require any specialised knowledge.
They can operate fully automatically, as they use GPS geo-location to know when you are arriving at, or leaving, a port or marina.
If you prefer, they can also be operated from, for example, a tablet, using the inbuilt Bluetooth for connectivity.
They come complete with specially designed foam fenders that cannot deflate or burst, unlike ordinary ones.
These are tested to IP67, to ensure continued operation in even the harshest environments.
Sue Berman, director of Go Earth, said “I know from my own experience that docking and undocking our own boat is a very busy time for me, especially if I am the only crew. I am often expected to be at both ends of the boat at once! This system makes berthing so much more relaxed and less stressful, so that I can continue to enjoy my G + T while berthing!”
Martin Berman, also a director, commented “Yes, we can now concentrate on getting ready for close quarters manoeuvring, and have one less thing to think about. We are certain that these are going to be a ‘must-have’ accessory.”
Go Earth Ltd are formally launching them at Southampton Boat Show. A working demonstration model will be on their stand, J316.
Final UK pre-production units will be released in October, with general public availability in November.