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What’s your ‘new horizon’? - April 2014

All At SeaIt may be that you’ve been on and around boats for as long as you can remember, or it may be that you’ve only recently stepped afloat. Perhaps you even have yet to do so – in which case we hope All at Sea’s diverse range of stories inspires you to go ahead!

But for the more experienced boaters out there, whenever it was that you took on your very first boating experience, can you remember what it was that motivated you to do so? Why you first decided to give sailing or powerboating a try?

It was a question asked to me this month by a friend as conversation led us to compare our sports; turns out, she has long been tempted to give sailing a go, but has yet to make time in her busy triathlon training schedule to make this happen.

Overlooking this (poor!) excuse, her questions left me pondering long and hard. Having started sailing at the age of 13 at the instigation of my parents - the obvious push factors - it was a tough memory to recall. I guess the prospect of adventuring on our own, across the lake in our bright yellow Cadet, and the fact I was willing to try pretty much anything new and exciting at that age, formed the pull factors.

But that led me to wonder, what is it that’s kept me in the sport? Two decades on and I am just as keen to be on the water as ever before, no matter what boat, where it is, or even what the weather is doing. Is it the challenge of taking on the elements? Stretching my tactical knowledge? Pushing my boat-handling skills? Seeing new places? Meeting new people? Learning new things?

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