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Sun Sail
Kit Reviews
The Seabreeze Handbook
Monday, 23 July 2012 00:00

JulybookSeabreezeThe Seabreeze Handbook
By Alan Watts

Alan Watts clearly knows an awful lot about wind, and the book certainly isn’t full of hot air! In fact, it’s incredibly detailed and I would hazard a guess that it is about the most authoritative book around on the subject; if not the only book solely devoted to it. But because Mr Watts is so immersed in the world of sea breezes, sometimes I found the information difficult to digest. Most useful for windsurfers and dinghy sailors; nevertheless, this is still an interesting insight into localised winds if you can work out the insanely   detailed charts.

The Mediterranean stuff looks particularly useful as that is where a sea breeze can really catch sailors out.      £14.99

The Black Sea
Monday, 16 July 2012 00:00

JulybookBlackSeaThe Black Sea
By David Read Barker and Lisa Borre

This struck me as a slightly more esoteric cruising guide than most and I eyed it with interest. I have always hankered after a trip to the Black Sea and wondered what it is like.

According to the authors it is worth a visit and they provide plenty of pictoral evidence to support their claim and give  a good overview of the area.
They also claim that it is teeming with wildlife. The book is well laid out and I was particularly intrigued by the small chartlets within the guide, which I found rather charming and definitely looked like they had been hand drawn like in the good old days.      £35

Classic Classes
Wednesday, 11 July 2012 00:00

ClassicClassesBy Vanessa Bird

I liked this book immediately largely because it took me right back to my youth when I spent hours and hours poring over a small black and white book of dinghy classes. This book is a huge improvement on that rather flimsy tome and features more than 140 different classes, focusing on ones that have been around for a good few years and encompassing keelboats, and dinghies alike. The book seems very thoroughly researched with plenty of interesting little nuggets of information. Includes coverage of all 44 Olympic classes. It’s beautifully packaged and I look forward to wasting many more hours poring over it. £19.99

The Lonely Sea and the Sky
Tuesday, 15 May 2012 00:00

LonleySeaFIRST published in 1964, Sir Francis Chichester’s autobiography is by no means a ‘new release’. But 45 years on from the voyage that saw him become the first person to sail solo around the world from west to east, this first-hand account of ardour and intrepid adventure will still hold today’s readers captivated. Chronicling his endeavours by sea, air and land, Chichester writes in a raw and honest style, giving the reader a fascinating insight into his life, travels and achievements as a good old-fashioned adventurer.

Author: Sir Francis Chichester
Price: £9.99 • Web:

Cruising Under Power
Tuesday, 15 May 2012 00:00

crusingunderpowerCRUISING under Power offer readers a wealth of practical know-how to make the most of their motor cruising experience. Guiding the reader through every stage of preparation and planning, it is designed to instill confidence in executing a cruise in a safe and seamanlike manner. Information is given in a clear and very comprehensive style; with sections broken down and clearly marked, this book could easily act as a quick reference guide if needs be, although novice cruisers will no doubt be happy to read it cover to cover ahead of embarking on their first major passage.

Author: Dag Pike
Price: £20 • Web:

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