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Sun Sail
Insurance Guide
Insurance Check List

Any uninsured boating claim against you could lay you open to a personal loss of thousands of pounds. Insurance will provide protection against this.

r33Insurance Essentials

Before signing any insurance application or declaration, read the small print to ensure you are getting exactly what is right for you. Dealing with a broker who specialises in marine insurance is a wise decision. Often staff will be seafarers themselves and understand fully what you require and the best options available to you. 

The Case For Marine Insurance

In an age when every penny counts, Stuart Field thinks spending good time and money on the right insurance deal is even more vital than ever . . .


Insurance for boats, unlike cars or motorbikes, is not yet a legal requirement in the UK. However there are ever increasing circumstances where proof of at least third party insurance is required before you can launch. Many UK marinas, harbours, waterways authorities and slipway operators already make such demands, while British Waterways, and more recently the Boards Authority, make insurance a requirement to boaters wishing to use their waters. Many European countries can, and do, frequently demand to see your insurance papers if towing a boat in their jurisdiction.


Buying Insurance

Now she's yours it makes sense to ensure she's protected. But a new set of rules on the selling of insurance and mortgage finance come into force over the next 12 months. So what does it all mean for new and used boat sales, where financial services agency dealing is often regarded as a value-adding opportunity?

r4When you're in love, it's not always easy to think straight about the practicalities. You've fallen big-time for that boat in the showroom or the broker's yard. You'd sell your very soul for her. Yes, you tell the guy, you're ready to pay the asking price. And that's when he starts talking insurance. "Insurance?" you say distractedly, "Oh yeah, where do I sign?" How can a chap think about things like proposal forms and competitive quotes when his heart's aflame? Of course, the need to insure against relevant perils is an issue that any boat owner must take seriously. It's just that, at point-of-sale, conditions aren't always right for making well-informed choices with regard to such matters.